Statement on Syria

A Statement from the Old Catholic Churches International concerning recent events in Syria: The images of the innocent Syrian men, women, and children killed and injured by their own government in a chemical attack rocked many of us to our core. We can all agree that such an attack is morally wrong and indefensible. However, … Read more

Statement on Transgendered rights and freedom of the press

Sisters and Brothers, This week we have watched as two major groups within society have been attacked. The first attack was the removal of protections of Transgendered individuals, and the second was the attack on the First Amendment of our Constitution when mainstream news outlets were barred from White House Press Briefings. Both of these … Read more

The Feast of Blessed John A. Parker, Jr.

Today we celebrate the feast of Blessed John A. Parker Jr, former Bishop of the Anglican Rite of the Ancient Apostolic Communion. The Ancient Apostolic Communion is now part of the International Old Catholic Churches. Blessed Parker, former head of the Diocese of the Anglican Rite for The Ancient Apostolic Communion, came from a life-long … Read more